Is Hooking Up Online Truly Safe? 7 Ways To Keep Yourself Out Of Danger

“Put safety first always”

“Put safety first always”

Interacting online is second nature to most people, and while online dating can be exciting and fascinating, it can also pose a lot of dangers. Things that come easy can have a great price tag on them. Many cases have come up in police departments involving the hazards of online dating. In Cedar Rapid Bryan Roche of Marion faced charges for sexually harassing and attempting to murder a girl he met online. You’ll hear incredible stories of sexual abuses, rape, theft, murder, identity theft, and many more that started on online dating sites. It is important to know how to hook up online without putting yourself in danger. The National reveals that there are more than one million registered sex offenders on online dating sites. This can make online dating a creepy thing. Hooking up with strangers will also constitute some level of danger; you’ll hardly know what people carry inside them. Below are some tips to help you avoid online dating scams and situations that can put your life in danger.

1. Know that most people are not what they claim to be

“People hide their true identities online”

“People hide their true identities online”

Never lay down your guard. What your goal is to hook up online, you need to be extra careful. Guides exist for how to hookup online, and these hookup guide tactics don’t always mention safety properly. Few people on online dating sites are honest. They lie to get you. If you read through every online profile, you’ll find a lie, hidden somewhere, and most often it is the lie that gets you attracted to such people. People will lie with their pictures, they’ll lie about their physical appearance, their height, their facial features, and they’ll lie about their age and profession. These lies are intended to make you believe that they have what you are looking for, that they can be the perfect match for you. It is important to note that the online dating culture is characterized by lies and fraud, and most people get to these sites to look for casual sex. You’ll find people who tell you they are single while they are legally married and living with their families. There are situations where beautiful love stories happen, but they are not very common. It is important to make sure that you’re signing up for a good website. You should also understand that you alone have the responsibility to protect yourself. If you approach online dating this way, you’ll certainly take the steps to protect yourself.

2. Be careful with what you post on your profile

“Do not post any sensitive information online”

“Do not post any sensitive information online”

What you put on your profile is very important and it can save or give you away. Identity theft is one of the most common cyber crimes. Identity theft happens often because people are careless with their personal and sensitive information. The US alone counts an average of 8,571,900 identity theft victims annually, according to Statistic Brain. The figure of those suffering from identity theft is alarming, but many people still fall victim to this crime. There are simple precautions to take if you want to avoid being a sex victim or watching information about you circulating on the internet. Do not post your true name online and avoid using photos that can reveal your location. If you just want casual sex, then those you interact with do not have the right to know everything about you. You’ll easily give yourself away if you tell your chat mates about your profession, the school you attend, the places you hang out very often. They can prey on you in such places. The wrong people are clever and will know where to look for you.

3. Do not be too excited

Knowing how to hook up online without getting in danger means not getting too excited. The man seems too good to be true. He seems to understand you perfectly; he makes you feel relaxed and confident. Serial killers are good at that. If you start feeling too excited about the man you’re chatting with, then it’s time you take a step back and ask yourself if it’s really true. You may want to ask the person for verification before you meet up. Always make sure you meet up in a public place, and if possible, get someone with you. It’s dangerous to go to bed with someone you’re meeting for the very first time. The fact that you have been chatting with that person for months doesn’t mean that you know him already. If you decide to take the plunge, to go to his place and have some fun, make sure you communicate your whereabouts to someone you can trust. In that way, people will know where to look for you if something happens. You may also want to let the guy know that someone knows you’re with him and that someone knows where you are. Do not take any chances; you cannot be so sure enough.

4. Men are also victims of online dating

“Men have fallen as victims as well”

“Men have fallen as victims as well”

It’s normal to think that only women can become victims of cyber crimes. There are women who can make a man’s life hell. Female cyber sex criminals are those who commit crimes for financial reasons. Some men join online dating sites because they are free. But free sites do not guarantee free women. You’ll find women who offer adult escort services on these sites as well. Some of these women will ask you to send the payment before the meet up. You should not send payment to anyone you have spoken to personally. Some men get so desperate that they’re ready to do anything in order to be in the graces of some women. They’ll send money and pay for online services. Some of these women use pictures of models or they use pictures that were taken ten years earlier when they were blooming. You also find situations where gays pass for real women to get to men who are heterosexual. There is a lot happening online and you’ll need to be smart to spot the dangers and to avoid them.
The common advice people will give you is to be yourself if you want to get laid online. If being yourself is letting people profile you easily, then that is not helpful at all. You have the right to privacy, even if you are the most hardened whore, and you do not want your information everywhere in the internet. When you send your sex video or nude pictures of a guy you’re talking to, it is important to note that you’re giving that person the right to do whatever he wants with it. You may want to make sure that you’re talking to real people before you meet them. This is very important. Do not meet anyone you haven’t seen on video. Always request to talk to the person using a tool like Skype Video call or Yahoo messaging. Ask him to open his webcam so you can see how he looks like. It is very safe to avoid giving your number and sensitive information about you on chat rooms. If you get interested in the person, you may want to do it when you finally meet him personally.
It is also important to make sure that your first meeting takes place in a neutral zone; it could be a mall or a most frequented place. Do not go straight to a guy’s house after chatting with him. Meet him outside and get to know him better. If he cannot wait until you feel very confident, then he is not worth having you. Even for casual sex encounters, it is important to be extremely careful in choosing your partner. Knowing how to hookup online will help know how to avoid getting into dangerous situations.

Why Women Cheat: Are Married Women More Faithful Than Men? Shocking Truth Revealed!

Men and women have been cheating on each other since the beginning of time. However, society has always found that it is unacceptable (but not everywhere) for women to be unfaithful whereas men practiced many freedoms (including dating others). In modern society, it has been discovered that women are just as unfaithful as men, but sometimes have an easier time hiding their infidelity. If a woman is unsatisfied in the relationship she is in, getting an email account and joining the first cheating married woman’s dating website is next on the list. Given that men will do anything for sex, they are keen on meeting these married women and go actively looking for married girls with the intention of dating married women using these married dating sites. But the bigger question that needs answering is: why do women cheat and have a better moral compass when it comes to cheating than men do? Read on to find out!

Women Do Practice Discretion!

woman shushing shilouette

Women are very discrete when cheating on men!

It may seem shocking if you’re reading this that 30-50% of all women in America will be unfaithful at least once in their marriage. Meanwhile, it is not as high as the infidelity of men; it is still pretty jaw-dropping. Statistics for unfaithful women are much harder to find due to the discretion that women often practice. Women are much more the objects of gossips when friends, family members and co-workers discover the affairs they’ve had. Perhaps the fact that women are also the pillars of family and it is their job to hold family members together in a common cause that sets them on the road to discretion. This is probably one of the most obvious reasons that people often have a hard time believing that woman cheat too!

If A Relationship Fails, Why Bother?

couple fighting on couch

Wy bother with a failing relationship anyway?

Women often head down the path to infidelity when they feel that their hopes and dreams are shattered. Even if we feel that we have nothing in common with women living hundreds of years ago, we can all agree that women often feel taken for granted in a relationship. Men are offered a bit more freedom in a marriage that women don’t enjoy. Once the first child comes along, women must put hopes and dreams, as well as future careers on hold to raise a child. During this time, men often run away to work or find solace in hanging out with friends. A woman alone cannot handle the stress of caring for family members, cooking, cleaning and paying bills all without a male hand to guide them. Raising a family is not easy and men often don’t feel that their sexual needs are met, in which case they turn elsewhere. In this same turn of events, women will feel that they don’t have anything in common with their spouse anymore and find a discreet way of cheating.

Cheating Is Easy!

woman texting while lover asleep

Easiest thing: cheating is super-easy to do!

It is the sad truth, it really is. Modern society became so technology oriented that finding a sexual partner or someone else to be with is just one click away. There are hundreds of dating websites dedicated to meeting cheating wives in a discreet manner. All you do is create an email and a username to log-on to one of the many forums and websites. In a way, it almost doesn’t even feel like it’s cheating when it’s so easy and it’s only once in a while.

Women Need Passion!

passionate picture drawing

Passion is a requirement in the life of all women!

Men often feel that a rose or a token of appreciation is not needed. If the wife sticks around, she’s probably not too unhappy. Women need love and passion in a marriage. Most females want to feel like a tragic heroine being scooped up by their beloved knight in shining armour  Meanwhile, this romantic outlook on life is not always realistic; being married should still induce some passion into a relationship. For example, if a woman starts spotting a guy at a local cafe who smiles at her once in a while and pays a compliment, it could be the start of a whole new romance. When women feel ignored, bored or overlooked, cheating is usually the answer. Younger men don’t really mind meeting married women, especially if it entails a short-lived yet fun relationship.

The Fantasy Is Gone and Replaced by a Frog!

smiling frog drawing

Do men revert into frogs after marriage!

Fairy tales are rarely real and when the princess kisses the frog and he turns into a prince, it’s happily ever after. Unfortunately, most men go back to being frogs not long after the wedding. You only really get to know your partner’s annoying and irksome habits after marriage, three kids and moving in together. What was once cute can become devastating and really annoying. This is the moment most wives start looking for men okay with meeting married women.

The Need to Feel Young and Desirable Wins

Men and women will both age. Unfortunately, men rarely accept that they’ve gotten older and still expect their spouse to look young and perky. A woman can be married to the nicest and most loving man on earth, but it may still not always be enough. Love does tricky things for people and oftentimes, women just need to feel young and desirable. Sometimes the only way someone can feel desirable, young and attractive is by sleeping with a man who is younger. Since most women are looking for some time-out or a quick fling, most men don’t mind accommodating a married woman.

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served With Someone Else

Sometimes the reasons for cheating are quite simple. If someone harms you, you just want to give them a taste of their own sour medicine. Spotting your man with another woman can be all it takes for you to make up your mind once and for all to find a lover. After all, if your “perfect” man gets away with infidelity, why shouldn’t you? As it seems, this is probably one of the most common and provocative reasons that women cheat on their spouses.

Men Need To Be Around

Humans are social creatures by nature and women are no different. Women need a man next to them in bed every single night and they certainly want moral and emotional support. If the man is too busy with work and running six jobs, women often feel neglected. Being alone is not something any normal woman wants to be. The next step is looking for a man who is not afraid of meeting married women. It may seem awful to find the wife in bed with someone else, but if the man of the house is not there for comfort, what can one expect? It is understandable that money is needed to support a family, but kids need a father and women need a husband. Cheating has many reasons and faces; this could just be one of them.

Cheating is not as unacceptable as it once was. That fact alone is especially true for women. A long time ago women were ridiculed, disowned and shunned for their infidelity. Today, cheating does carry some emotional baggage and perhaps a boatload of gossip, but nothing in terms of severe punishment. What was once considered as an ultimate sin is now the norm. This simple truth doesn’t mean that cheating is acceptable on a moral level, but it is understandable under different circumstances. This article has shed some light on just some of the common and simple reasons that women tend to turn elsewhere for comfort. Perhaps instead of getting revenge on one another and creating nasty circumstances some counseling and talking could cure infidelity. None of us are perfect, and it is safe to say that women aren’t either.

Hollywood Break-ups: What the stars are doing wrong

There are several reasons why these stars are facing such break ups. Recently we’ve seen high profile marriages like that of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger which has led many psychiatrists to determine and examine the root cause of relationships to end in such a volatile way. In fact, most celebrities go through horrific and high profile divorces that can be mentally and physically exhaustive. There has been a list made of the things that need to be followed not just by the stars but also everyone in order to ensure longevity of the relationship:

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana: It's Over! Again!

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana: It’s Over! Again!

  • Do not barge into your partner’s space. Everyone needs space and if you keep cornering them they will feel claustrophobic which does not make either one of you happy.
  • Do not let your partner spend too much on you. Learn to control these indulgences. You need to assert your independence. It is great to get gifts once in a while but never frequently.
  • Do not dominate. You are not a parent in the relationship but an equal and hence you must both lead each other.
  • Do not isolate yourself from the other person. Communicate with your partner. This is the way relationships blossom.
  • Do not dedicate all your time to your partner. Develop your own interests and indulge in them. It is healthy to have boundaries.
  • Do not ignore your partner in need. Have the emotional maturity to understand your partner’s needs and help him or her accordingly.
  • Do not sacrifice your social life for your relationship. It is very important for you to have friends outside the relationship and the same goes for your partner. This helps in keeping a healthy balance.
  • Do not hesitate in being honest. No relationship survives on lies. So be honest and speak your mind when you need to. But do not be harsh. Use logic.
  • Do not make a scene. Fights are a part of relationships. No matter how intense the issue is, do not lose your self composure and create scenes. This will only make matters worse.
  • Do not embarrass your partner in front of his or her friends. Learn to know what to say during different social situations.

If these can be followed, there might a happier ending seen in Hollywood just like it is portrayed in most movies.

Sources say the Bethenny Frankel divorce will be quick and easy from a legal standpoint, but that doesn't make it any easier to cope with emotionally.

Sources say the Bethenny Frankel divorce will be quick and easy from a legal standpoint, but that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with emotionally.

Credit Card Debts – Getting Rid of ‘Em!

If you are currently in debt, complaining bitterly will not make your debts go away; you will need to do something about it.

You can get rid of debts applying simple lifestyle changes and employing simple and easy debt reducing tactics.

Create a Realistic Budget

For some people, the word “Budget” screams “broke”; that is not true. Believe it or not, a lot of rich folks live within a budget so do not let television/movie actors fool you into thinking that rich folks spend money all willy-nilly. Creating a budget is not hard to make or stick to. You do not require fancy tools or software to create a budget, all you will require is a simple notepad and pen, or you can make use of a Spreadsheet Program. Make a list of every recurring expense such as utilities, groceries, mortgage/rent, bills, and simply place a limit on these expenses. Also create a “Miscellaneous” expenses category in order to cover what you can’t make plans for and a category for “Indulgence” – hey go easy on the indulgence category, instead of buying diamonds, just indulge in a chocolate bar or cupcakes or something. If you do not have enough money left over to contribute to paying off your debt; then there is no need to create a budget! So, keep tweaking and fine tuning the categories until you are able to squeeze out enough funds to contribute towards getting out of debt.

If you get extra cash, pay down the balance instead of spending it.

If you get extra cash, pay down the balance instead of spending it.

Recycle and Reuse – Who Cares if You are Being Cheap!

You should recycle and reuse whatever you possibly can. Use products that are reusable and recyclable, you will not only be saving a couple of bucks, you will also be reducing your environmental footprint as well – yay! Some people may think about how cheap you are, but why bother what those people say, just keep your eyes on the prize.

Be in the Company with the Right Kind of People

If you keep surrounding yourself with people who just love to spend, then you will find it hard to stick to your budget and fall off the wagon. Surround yourself with people who do not see anything wrong with living within their means – if this means changing friends, then so be it! If you truly want to live a debt-free life, then this hard-to-follow tip may not be so hard after all.

Pay Down the Principle Balance

Pay Down the Principle Balance

Get Moving

Desperate times calls for desperate measures! You may want to consider moving to another state where the cost of living is way cheaper than where you currently live or moving to a smaller apartment/house with lower rent etc.

Being Yourself: Teens and Adults

One of the keys to a successful life is being you. Stop paying attention to what other people might think of you and forget about people not liking you. Regardless of how you act and what you do, people will always have something negative to say about you. Success isn’t about pleasing everyone around you and doing what they think you should be doing. Success is actually defined by what makes you happy and comfortable. Success is all about being you.

It is mostly teenagers and adults that struggle with not having an identity of their own. Teenagers find it hard to fit into high school and might start to behave in a way that will be deemed acceptable and will help them gain a couple of friends. These kids do not understand that those are not your real friends; rather you’re just another project for them, one that they will eventually take advantage of. This is also one of the main reasons why teenagers start experimenting with drugs and other bad extracurricular activities.

They just want to have an identity that is more in common with the majority of kids who are labeled as being ‘cool’. For these kids being with a group of people that are recognized as being the cool is success. However, this is exactly the type of behavior that ends up destroying the lives of so many young and bright kids. Therefore, it is essential that kids now are educated in what success really is and how it should be measured. And it is advisable to definitively be described as something that an individual has complete control over.

Adolescence is like gravity,  It is much easier to work with it than against it.

Adolescence is like gravity, It is much easier to work with it than against it.

Moving further along, many young adults and sometimes older individuals also suffer from similar problems. But their problems are long-term and a lot harder to fix. Most adults that struggle with being themselves have a much deeper and bigger problem. For some strange reason they just don’t have it in them to put a stop to their behavior and actions. They just have a knack of letting people run over them, regardless of how young or old they are compared to them. These people have little respect for themselves, so one can probably imagine how other people might view them.

Happiness is Being Yourself

Happiness is Being Yourself

Adults who struggle to act naturally are for some reason ashamed of their original self. In order to cover their shame, these people will act in a bizarre and strange way. It feels as if they are just in the office to be used and abused. But these people will go to any extent to hide whatever it is they are trying to hide. For some reasons, these people think if they act a little more like their true selves; the truth might actually be leaked and exposed for all to see and then judge. It is vital that people realize that they have to be themselves in order to succeed; otherwise they might just have to think about early retirement. So for everyone, first step to do is to figure out what success really means. 

iPhone VS Android: The main differences between the two

The Differences Between Security and Apps For Your Phone.

Apple seems to have a much firmer grip on the advances that the iPhone can make compared to the Android developers. A prime example of this is the use of flash video. Most sites use this, yet they still refuse to give in and allow it. Developers cannot get too involved in things such as data storage and telecommunications and while on the face of it, it may be annoying it does make sure that there is little chance that the system will be attacked by malware. It also means that the iPhone has a longer battery life than the Android and that can be a big selling point for some people.

iPhone VS Android

iPhone VS Android

When using the Android it is much more like using a PC and while this has its advantages to the user, there are risks concerned with it. The more people who develop apps, the more risk there is of a problem. Performance can be affected and this is not going to encourage users to stick with the Android.

IPhones will be much less likely to suffer when it comes to malicious apps as while many Android ones seem to come from a safe supplier they quickly take over and give hackers the right to do many things with your phone and that can even include running up a large bill by making phone calls. Lookout will help prevent that and it is free, but there will be fears among some users that at some stage hackers may be able to override it although at present that is not something that has happened.

The Android

The Android

There have been issues for both type of phone when an app has been able to take information from the handset but it seems that Apple have been able to deal with this quickly and the malware is in fact much less likely to get through Apples system than it is the Android one.

Apple is well ahead of Android when it comes to the amount of apps that they run as they now have 500,000 and many of them are either very cheap or actually free. Android have a very respectable 5,000 but there is still scope for a vast improvement. Android are in front when it comes to providing free apps as they have many things that are free to their users that Apple users will have to pay to have on their iPhone.

The iPhone

The iPhone

Impact of Married Affairs On Relationships …

In order to evaluate the negative impacts of a married affair, one must understand what exactly constitutes to such an affair. When married couples engage in physical or emotional activities with others, is termed as a married affair. Irrespective of how a partner decides to react to the affair, both end up damaging their marriage. Let’s analyze here the negative effects that come to the victim when their partner decides to have an extramarital affair.

When a partner starts having an affair, the other one tends to suffer from low self-esteem. They often end up blaming their actions and themselves for the affair. They are convinced that it was they, who lacked and thus the partner had to get it from somewhere else. This low self-esteem can hurt their social life, career and mental health. People who suffer from self-esteem are also patients for depression.

When a partner has an affair other than their marriage, their spouse will face the inability to trust them again, in case they have decided to stay together after such an incident. Even if they decide to split, the partner who had been cheated on will always doubt their judgment and other people’s sincerity. They will even stay stressed in their new relations, due to that horrible experience.

First date: a couple on a 'playfair’, an affair in which would-be adulterers meet via specialist dating websites

First date: a couple on a ‘playfair’, an affair in which would-be adulterers meet via specialist dating websites

The victim will also face a sense of instability. They may feel like their whole world has fallen apart, and will find it difficult to survive. After all, marriage is a bond made for a lifetime. This sense of instability often causes many people to give up and sulk. They tend to leave all their activities and drown themselves in self-pity; such people then suffer mental issues and need therapy.

Victims of married affairs will also have to witness a number of emotions. At times, they will feel angry and other times, they will want to cry. They will lose control of their emotions, and will have to witness a series of breakdowns for some time. In addition, mostly importantly, people who are victims of such affairs often tend to change their entire attitude towards life. They look at their friends, job and family in a completely different way, as something they thought would last forever, did not. The emotional imbalance causes them to re-think all links to avoid any further emotional pain.

So happy: Sophie Long and Will Green on their wedding day in Cornwall.

So happy: Sophie Long and Will Green on their wedding day in Cornwall.

From the above impacts, it is so obvious that having a marital affair is toxic for the individual and even for the relationship. The above impacts tend to become prominent over time and they affect one’s lifestyle, work, social and family relations. The effects also cannot be vanished; every victim takes their own time to progress through such a situation. Today, most marriages are failing due to such activities. Therapy sessions are in demand, more than ever. However, no amount of therapy can solve the above effects of married affairs. A married affair is just like poison, it kills the relationship completely and only the few lucky ones survive who were not exposed deeply.